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Who we Are

The Anambra Internal Revenue Service (AIRS) was established in 2010 by the Anambra State Revenue Administration Law (ASRAL). The law made provisions for creating an autonomous service responsible for generating revenue and headed by an Executive Chairman appointed by the State Governor. The Chairman must either be from the career ranks of the AIRS or an external candidate with relevant experience in financial, economic, and legal matters. The requirements for the Chairman and other board members’ qualifications and composition are stated in the ASRAL 2010 and Personal Income Tax (Amendment) Act 2011 (PITA).

AIRS is responsible for identifying potential taxpayers, determining their assessable incomes, assessing them to personal income tax and other tax regimes/levies, collecting the assessed amounts, and reporting the assessment and collection activities for accountability purposes. The agency generates approximately 80% of the State’s aggregate internally generated revenue (IGR) and has increased the monthly IGR from an average of N500 Million to over N1 Billion since 2014. The projected IGR for 2018 is more than N30 Billion.

In addition to revenue generation, AIRS is also responsible for compliance monitoring, enforcing tax regulations, and devising new areas for revenue generation. The agency is committed to providing quality client care, transparency, administrative ease, equity, quality tax officers, and revenue adequacy. Taxpayers can easily access information about the tax system and how tax money is used. The tax system is not too complicated or costly for taxpayers, and the state can conduct audits efficiently and fairly.

The amount of tax people and firms have to pay should be based on their ability to pay, ensuring fairness. AIRS also prides itself on its personnel, who are some of the best tax practitioners in the country and continuously undergo training and development to improve their skills.


To foster sustainable economic growth and development in Anambra State through efficient and transparent tax administration, ensuring equity, compliance, and accountability while providing quality client care and innovative revenue solutions.


To be a leading revenue authority recognized for excellence in tax administration, driving socio-economic progress and prosperity for the people of Anambra State.


AIRS commits to integrity, professionalism, and excellence in tax administration, fostering trust, compliance, and sustainable growth for Anambra State’s prosperity.

What we stand for?

Apart from our call center numbers, you can also engage us on the website chat or send us a mail via info@airs.an.gov.ng You can be guaranteed quick and fast response to your question.

Taxpayers can easily find information about the tax system and how tax money is used. With a transparent tax system, we know who is being taxed, how much they are paying, and what is being done with the money.

Our tax system is not too complicated or costly for taxpayers. Rules are well known and fairly simple; forms are not too complicated; the state can tell if taxes are paid on time and correctly, and the state can conduct audits in a fair and efficient manner.

This means fairness in the sense that the amount of tax people and firms has to pay, should be based on their ability to pay. A rich person has a greater ability to pay taxes than a poor person.

We pride ourselves in our people as some of the best tax practitioners across the country, on a regular basis we provide employees with continuous training and capacity development.

Revenue adequacy refers to the ability of a tax system to raise sufficient revenue to finance budgeted government expenditure.

Our Team

DR. Greg U. Ezeilo, FCA, ACTI


Mr Ben Okafor



Mr Herbert Ofomata



Mrs Onyeka Amara Kate M.Sc., FCA, FCTI


Nwalusi Ifeanyi

Mr Nwalusi Ifeanyi