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Your Anambra State Identity Number is a unique and one-time electronically generated identification number that enables you to benefit from Government Social Services.

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Your Tax at Work

Discover how your tax contributions are fueling essential services, infrastructure development, and community initiatives for a better Anambra.

Empowering Taxpayers, Ensuring Clarity
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Simplifying tax processes and fostering transparency, AIRS ensures taxpayers understand their obligations, delivering quality service through accessible communication channels and skilled tax officers.

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The AIRS has introduced the Vehicles eCard, a digital alternative to paper vehicle particulars. The eCard includes all necessary vehicle information and can be accessed online, resulting in faster, more efficient, and eco-friendly transactions. This demonstrates the agency's commitment to innovation and efficient service.

Empowering Anambra's Economy & Driving her Growth

Anambra Internal Revenue Service (AIRS) leads the charge in identifying taxable activities, assessing incomes fairly, and enforcing compliance, driving revenue growth to fund vital public services and infrastructure projects. Discover how AIRS fuels development through efficient tax administration, ensuring transparency, equity, and revenue adequacy for a prosperous future.

Why You Need to Pay Your Tax

Paying your taxes isn’t just a legal obligation; it’s a fundamental commitment to the collective well-being, enabling the state government to finance crucial public services, build and maintain infrastructure, and invest in education, healthcare, and social welfare programs.

By contributing your fair share, you actively participate in shaping a more equitable and prosperous society, where resources are allocated efficiently to address pressing needs and promote economic growth.


Latest News


AiRS Organizes Joint Tax Enlightenment Program in Collaboration with CITN.

AiRS Organizes Joint Tax Enlightenment Program in Collaboration with CITN. In a bid to deepen conversation on tax awareness and enlightenment in Anambra State, the ...
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AiRS Meets With The Market Leaders in Anambra State; Approves New Rate For Market Levy Payment.

Update From The Revenue House:…. On Tuesday 9 April 2024, the Chairman/Chief Executive Anambra State Internal Revenue House AiRS, Dr Greg Ezeilo FCA ACTI conveyed ...
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AiRS Organizes Robust Training for Newly Created Desk Officers Posted To Ministries/MDA\’s in Anambra State.

Update From The Revenue House:…. Earlier today Friday 5 April 2024, the management of the *Anambra State Internal Revenue Service AiRS had a robust training ...
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AiRS: SSA to Gov Soludo on IGR Technical, Mrs Oyeka Amara Kate FCA FCTI Organizes Intense Training for Staff at the Various Tax Stations.

Update From The Revenue House:… Leveraging on the vision and aspirations of the Anambra State Governor, Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo CFR of transforming the State ...
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AiRS Introduces Virtual Tax Reconciliation and Stakeholder Engagement

AiRS Introduces Virtual Tax Reconciliation and Stakeholder Engagement👇👇
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SSA on IGR (Technical) to Gov Soludo, Mrs Oyeka Amara Kate FCA, FCTI Holds Strategic Meeting with Zonal Tax Stations.

Update From The Revenue House:… The Senior Special Assistant to Gov. Charles Chukwuma Soludo CFR on IGR (Technica)l Mrs Oyeka Amara Kate FCA, FCTI.and some ...
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